Direct Flights to Brittany from the UK and Ireland

Direct flights to Brittany  RyanairMany new routes have opened up recently with several airlines offering some cheap flights to fly direct from the UK to Brittany. Flybe in 2017 are still flying from may UK airports, but routing via Southampton, so as they are not Direct Flights we haven't included them here.

If you don't already have a car in Brittany you can hire one which can often work out cheaper than travelling via ferry. Follow this link for information about Driving in France. The obvious benefit of flying is that the travel times are greatly reduced leaving you less stressed and with more time in Brittany to enjoy yourselves or search for a property for sale through one of our estate agency offices throughout Brittany France.


Brittany Airports

UK Airports

Brest Dinard Lorient Rennes Nantes
Birmingham E.Mids Flybe Ryan Air      
Edinburgh         Ryan Air
London Gatwick         EasyJet
London Southend      

Flybe/Stobart Air

Southampton Flybe        


  Ryan Air Ryan Air    

Channel Islands

Brest Dinard Lorient Rennes Nantes
Guernsey   Aurigny      
Isle of Man          


Brest Dinard Lorient Rennes Nantes
Ryan Air
Aer Lingus
Ryan Air
Aer Lingus
Cork       Aer Lingus